Top 5 Most Profitable Sports for Online Betting

Have you always dreamed of winning the jackpot in online gaming and betting by using apps like the 22Bet mobile app? Like us, you also think that sports betting pays a lot to bookmakers and very little to bettors? The reasons for this is that as bettors, we tend to bet with our hearts and not our brains. Most importantly, most of us don’t know what sports we need to bet on to be sure we will win. 

While there is no magic recipe for winning every time, we’ve put together the top 5 most profitable sports to help you get a little more clarity.


The king of sports is obviously the most popular sport to bet on. This is not surprising, because we know that soccer is the most known and most practiced sport in the world. Thus, betting on soccer offers many advantages, including the possibility of betting on the best known leagues in the world, but also on less well-known ones. The types of bets are also diversified: some bets bet on the correct result, on the number of final goals in the match or on invalid victories.

However, when it comes to sports betting, soccer has a big handicap: any soccer match can end in three possibilities, either the victory of the team playing at home, the victory of the team playing away, or a draw. But the good news is that by mastering the statistics and history of certain leagues, you can multiply your chances of winning.

The Europa League (soccer)

We all know a friend who is a soccer fan and who, when it comes to sports betting, swears by League 1, League 2 or the Champions League. Unfortunately, the championships for these leagues are very tight and the matches are always full of surprises. So, for a lambda bettor who doesn’t know much about the other championships, the Europe League is considered a pure lottery. But this is simply not true!

French handball

It is generally considered that French handball is one of the best in Europe. A few years ago, many French clubs made it to the last four of the biggest European competition. Thus, betting on French clubs in European matches is effective to be sure to win.

American soccer

American soccer is also very profitable to play on team victories, but not for the same reason as handball. Indeed, if you know this sport well, you have a head start on online bookmakers. And for good reason, most bookmakers take a long time to update their odds on the latest sporting events. For example, when the Eagles lost their Carson quarterback for the entire season, it took a long time for the big betting operators to line up the odds for the next games.


After soccer, basketball is the second most famous sport in the world. Year after year, millions of spectators and television viewers rejoice as they watch this sport in thousands of leagues and tournaments. As a result, basketball is one of the sports on which bettors bet their money. In addition, all tobacco shops and online bookmakers offer many types of basketball betting.

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