Sports betting: add more excitement to sport

What would sports be without sports betting?

The world of elite sports is pure emotion. Every competition, every match, every race and every combat can give rise to numerous betting events. A corner kick in a soccer match, a set in a tennis match, a triple in a basketball match, the pole position of a Formula 1 race, a match in a tennis tournament… Any event that happens in the context of a sports event is ideal for betting and forecasting.

Show that you are a sports savant with betting

To succeed in online sports betting, it is not enough to be lucky, you have to be an expert in sports. If you are well informed about the form of the teams or athletes, you have more options to succeed in betting, as this way you can get better results in the long term. For example, which athlete is in a good shape or direct confrontations between competitors are some factors to take into account before placing a bet. The more data you collect about a sports event, the more chances you have to win your bet.

The first indications of the existence of sports betting go back to the Greeks, creators of the Olympic Games and fans of betting on sports competitions. Later, betting was exported to the Roman Empire, where it was legalized. The origin of modern sports betting was horse racing in the 18th century. Spectators could bet on their favorite horses at the racetrack. The charm of betting lies in the fact that the gambler is both a spectator of the event and an expert in sports and tries to influence the outcome of his bet by his analysis of the event and his sports knowledge.

After horse racing, soccer betting was introduced in 1921. At that time, the system in force was mutual betting and the bettor did not know his possible win until the end of the day, since the calculation of the collection and its distribution among all the winners had to be done first, unlike in StarVegas, whose system of fixed odds allows the user to know beforehand the possible win of his sports bet right at the moment of the closing of his bet.

With the rise of the Internet, the revolution began at the end of the last millennium with the pre-match online sports betting, which allows the user to comfortably place his bet without having to go to any establishment and collect his winnings immediately. A few years later, live betting was introduced, with dynamic odds that change in real time depending on how the sports event is developed. Finally, in the second decade of the new millennium and with the boom of smartphones, online betting websites made versions for mobile devices and launched applications for online betting from phones and tablets.

Today, there is practically no sporting event where betting cannot be done. However, the offer of sporting events is gigantic and covers all types of sports. The most popular are basketball, tennis, motor sports (Formula 1), ice hockey, handball, boxing, baseball and American soccer. In StarVegas we have all these sports and many others. Do you dare to bet on sports?

Your first sports bet: couldn’t be simpler

Do you consider yourself an expert in any sport and want to test your wisdom in a sports event? Enter StarVegas and prove your worth with a few bets! First register your betting account in just a few simple steps, verify your identity and charge your balance by making a deposit with one of the simple and reliable deposit methods we offer.

Then go to the “Betting” section of our website and look for the sports forecast of your choice, either pre-game or live, in the navigation menu on the left. You will then see our list of odds for that sporting event (e.g. an ACB League or Euroleague match). Click on the betting odds you want (you can also click on several odds and place a combined bet or system bet) and the bet is added to your betting slip, where you can determine the betting amount and check the possible winnings.

An unbeatable sports betting offer

Summarizing the enormous variety of bets that can be offered in just a couple of paragraphs is a very complicated task, since the number of sports competitions is gigantic. The most popular sports events among our users are the Spanish League, the English Premier League, the Champions League, the Europa League and the international soccer competitions of national teams, such as the World Cup and the Euro.

Would you like to place a basketball bet? Here you can find fantastic online odds for exceptional sports events such as the NBA, Euroleague or Endesa League, as well as bets for other more exotic leagues such as the Chinese or Taiwanese basketball league, among others. Are motor sports your passion? We also offer sports betting for the most prestigious competitions, such as Formula 1 or the MotoGP World Championship.

Are you more into combat sports? Our sports betting offer also includes numerous online bets for world-class sports competitions such as boxing titles or UFC mixed martial arts events. Do you like all sports? We also offer countless online bets for one of the most important sports events worldwide: the Olympic Games! Here you can place bets on all kinds of sports: from handball to athletics, golf to volleyball – no sports event can resist us!

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