The Girl from Derbyshire Told Her Story of Addiction

The amount of ladies with a gambling compulsion has increased during the pandemic throughout the world. A young Stacey Goodwin experienced a gambling compulsion that led her to significant losses. She wants to help other people, so she talks about her obsession on social media. Stacy has entered the business of gambling at an early age. She worked at a bookmaker’s office. Stacey saw that plenty of people were suffering, but she chose to put the pound herself. The girl won £ 36 from her first bet.

“It was a small amount for the first time I placed a bet. But the moment of winning was such a pleasure that I could not forget about it. That’s when it started,” she commented after she stopped playing.

The girl loved to play slots in online casinos. Nowadays, it is possible to win attractive amounts of money by playing intelligently. On such gambling websites like, even players on a small budget may have a lot of fun and receive great prizes. An immense slot collection and table games are open in a free mode. In this way, the risk of addiction is decreased

When Did the Girl Lost Control?

Stacey Goodwin

Soon Stacey Goodwin ceased to control her spending on slot machines. On tilt, she was betting 20 pounds per spin. Online gambling has taken her obsession to the following level. “I used to try to hide the fact that I play so serious and passed from one establishment to another. But on the Internet, players don’t comprehend who you are,” she says. The girl cannot calculate how much cash she has lost overall. On average, she spent a thousand pounds a month for 8 years. 

Miss Goodwin noted that at that time the money lost all value to her and turned into tokens for automatic machines. Stacy took a course for women addicted to gambling. A charity organization was able to help her and bring her back to normal life. The girl discovered why inclination to gambling arises, as well as about the special tools which help to regulate online gambling. Presently Stacey herself provides guidance to other ladies through social media, and even composed a novel about her practice – “Girl the Gamer”.

  • In total, 17,000 criminal cases of cross-border gambling were investigated. 110,000 suspects were arrested. 
  • Since the beginning of operations in China, the owners of 3,400 gaming platforms, 2,800 illegal payment platforms have been detained.
  • 2,200 advertising platforms, illegal banks, and 1,400 illegal technical teams have been arrested. 
  • These people were stripped of their passports and banned from leaving the country for three years.

Earlier, the Chinese government proposed an alternative, according to which the punishment could be mitigated. The suspect should have reported himself to the authorities and made a frank confession. China additionally maintains a blacklist system for gambling tourist destinations, but it has not yet been disclosed.

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