The future of slots: what can we expect? Will it help players to win?

More and more gaming enthusiasts are switching from the land based casino or gaming hall to the online casino. Can you blame them? Not entirely. After all, the online conveniences are very attractive and the prices are no longer inferior to those of the land based casino.

However, this does mean that land based gambling sites are losing more and more visitors and the slots games will be less popular. And that’s a shame. Not only can prizes be won on the slot machines, but the slots are also an attraction in itself. The horns, the bells; anyone who loves to gamble, anyone who loves slots. But what does the future of slots look like? Because the above doesn’t sound too promising.

The old-fashioned slot machine: especially cozy

Casino Interior and Row of Classic Slot Machines. Las Vegas Gambling Theme.

If we go back twenty years in time, we can all imagine the old-fashioned fruit cabinets. Maybe we’re getting a little too nostalgic, because in a lot of neighborhood cafes slot machines can still be found. Still, we can’t quite ignore the fact that slot machines are becoming more and more a thing of the past, or at least evoke a nostalgic longing in us. The average gambling enthusiast has grown big with it and the sounds and colors are always a real feast to be had. The only drawback? That because of all those bells and whistles, the whole cafe knew when you had won a prize. And then you could immediately give it a whole round. Ah yes, maybe that was also the charm of the old-fashioned slot machine.

The rise of FIFO systems

Today, slot machines already look a lot different. Because when we think of the classic slot machines, we shouldn’t forget that wonderful sound of the sounding coins when another jackpot hit. In both online and land casinos, however, that characteristic sound is a thing of the past, because for hygienic reasons, many gaming halls have replaced their older slot machines with slot machines that use the so-called TITO system. That system stands for Ticket-in, Ticket-Out and that means that coins have been replaced by chips or cards with a balance on them. Just as online casino games keep up with the times, so do slot machines.

Online video slots: no lack of choice

Free video slots, in turn, have been created as an online counterpart to physical slot machines. And that’s where the problem with the characteristic slot machines begins. While physical slots slots slots slots are much more dependent on the actual space you have, online slots slots slots slots are not. Of course, offering an online video slot from a provider like Yggdrasil isn’t free and you also need web space, but with a little luck you can enjoy economies of scale much faster than in a physical arcade. Want to expand? That too can easily be arranged after an additional payment. So it’s not surprising that the choice is enormous and it’s not easy for the player to choose an online casino game. The development of the game is very fast.

The answer: high-tech slots

It’s precisely because of this that slot machines are starting to lose more and more ground compared to their online counterparts. Whether the production of slot machines has decreased as a result? Of course it has. But that doesn’t mean that slot machines are no longer being built at all. In fact, with the advent of high-tech slots, a very interesting gaming experience has been created. For example, some modern slot machines are equipped with a special chair with speakers, as well as 3D and even Virtual Reality playing options. So it seems as if you are in the game itself. And as far as that’s concerned, we can only say that online video slots are really outperforming slot machines when it comes to the gaming experience. Because the whole atmosphere, the whole feeling that a land casino evokes, can only be approached to a limited extent by the online casino. We therefore love that old-fashioned slot machine and are hoping for many more new slot machines. You too?

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